The Players

Aris Shen

Arend Shen

Marus Greyson

Vorse Tabarith

  • The Pair O’Dice Casino owner / Gangster
  • Aris Husband
  • Frequently drunk – Men disloyal and willing to inform on him for credits. Men can be found at Docking Bay 124A


  • Developed some notoriety among citizens for her mysterious riches.

Zekra Fol

  • Representative for Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corp. (OREMC)
  • OREMC is a resent venture backed by the Core worlds to seek mineral wealth in the Outer Rim

Kaltho the Hutt

  • Member of a powerful kajidic from Nar Shaddaa.
  • Controls several major spaceports and landing bays in Nar Shaddaa.
  • Bounty Hunter, Kerek, serves as chief enforcer. Found at The 4 1/2 Bar.
  • Has a private chef at the 3 Beldons Buffet

Shreya Ordassa

  • Professor at University of Sanbra
  • Assistant Droid has been trying to gain access to gem’s exhibit (annoying many)
  • Childhood friend, Leina, found at The Pair O’Dice Casino
  • Was evolved with Mil Mikkir
  • Wants jewel for research but Mikkir’s interest has made her determined to win it.

Mil Mikkir

  • From influential family in the Outer Rim politics
  • Management in major construction corp.
  • Regularly visits Figg Hall seeking audience with Baron Administrator Calrissian
  • Determined to keep Shreya Ordassa from winning jewel

Pos Podura

  • Mid level executive at ThoraTech., an up and coming tech firm
  • Regular seen in Port Town relating tales of woe.

The Players

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