Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

6. The Jewel of Chandrila

The Big Heist

The Race is finished with Kruas and Guffy the winners of the Cloud City Grand Prix. The final bid has been placed at the Gala Auction with Vorse Tabarith winning the Jewel of Chandrila and now the heist for the JEWEL OF CHANDRILA is on…

Meeting back at the warehouse hideout on the Industral district, the spacers move on their plans to slice the winning bid and steal the jewel from the museum. First Guffy and Gunsha make their way to the docks and kidnap a G-100 Remote Banking Droid and bring it back to the warehouse using the restraining bolt they acquired earlier. Guffy manages to open the droid’s casing to allow Gunsha to access the droids systems.


The first attempt to slice the system fails, but Gunsha manages to establish a backdoor back into the system and the second attempt succeeds with the full transfer of credits into the account that Arrend Shen created. The group begins to speak about how to dispose of the droid. The banking droid attempts to convince them that he is valuable enough to take off world and sell, but the logistics of taking the droid prove to complicated with the plan and after too long a time then it should take, the armored droid is destroyed.

The spacers gather the gear, find an access port and stealthy begin the climb up to the plaza district from Port Town. They take their time making there way to the central wind corridor of Cloud City, sometimes unsuccessfully dodging the debris coming down the shoot.

As they near the top some movement catches their eye. Tucked into a crevice along the side of the gantry about 20 feet above, they spot a number of small furry bodies. Winged creatures not more then a foot long from their wide snouts to their feathered tails. The creatures seem mainly docile, but some of them take flight, posturing with open maws and needle like teeth bared as their wings stretch open. Guffy recognizes them as rawwks, and warns of their stun screech. While attempting to move around them, they attack, but are quickly disposed of.


From the central wind corridor it’s just another short climb up into the garbage chute into the museum. The spacers climb out into the janitorial closet. Gunsh activates the com jammer and Aanchi moves out first toward the auction room with the jewel, but her story of being a guest locked in the closet goes unheard. At first site of Greyson’s private security force open fire on her. She ducks it and they seal the doors to the room. Quickly the spacers act. Gunsha first moves in on the security droid in the central chamber of the museum. He devastates the droid with his vibroaxe. And the four security guards are taken out quickly as well. They collect the riot guns and snare launcher from the fallen and Gunsha uses the electronic lock breaker to open one of the doors to the auction room.


In the room, they open the door via the controls and attack the two guards, taking them down quickly, but the third that was there is no where to be seen. Striking from the shadows the Defel leader stabs Aanchi in the back, paralizing her left leg from nerve damage.


The others drop him and make a move for the jewel. The electro railing activates and Gunsha disables it with a few blasts from the ion gun. They slowly take the jewel from its plinth, but no further security measure activates.


They grab the jewel, deactivate and delete the camera system, and make their way back toward the garbage chute. Standing in the doorway to the janitorial closet is a woman and Aanchi knows her. Though not dressed in the fine clothes and now with a look of cool determination instead of the blank stare she exhibited before – Elaiza, the mysterious older bidder stands dressed in simple brown robes.


“Please, there is no need for violence between us. I’m sure that gem you carry will bring you a rich haul of credits, and I can not compensate you for that loss, but I must ask you hand it over to me” The spacers, especially Aanchi, will hear nothing of it. They need the jewel to get paid, why should they hand it over. “I am dedicated to bringing the values of truth and peace to the galaxy once more, but I cannot stand against my enemies unarmed. That gem will enable me confront those who would seek to enslave the galaxy using hatred and fear” The argument doesn’t sway the spacers and with a forceful influence over Gunsha convinces him to pull it out and hand it over. The others attempt to stop him, but Elaiza uses the force to tug it from his hand.

Aanchi reasons with the Jedi that they will help her, but they need the jewel first. The woman reluctantly hands it over and then the alarms start. The Jedi runs for the chute and leaps in. Behind them in the auction room, the electro railing has reactivated. Gunsha runs to the console, but can’t stop the alarm. He does manage to change the alarm to read as a fire instead of a break in, and the spacers escape down the chute as well.

They comm Arend Shen, who tells them to stay put, he’ll divert attention away and send an automated speeder. The moments stretch, but finally it arrives. They pile in, but notice something is amiss. The speeder takes them out over the clouds away from the city. Gunsha examines some loose wire hanging from the console to find a bomb ticking down it’s final minute….



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