The Race

Racer Teams

Stormhawks: MandalMotors Corporation Sponsored
Pilot: Gerrol Hunn (Human)
* Dashing Corellian loved by the media known for trashtalking
Copilot: Chara Tull (Human)
* Possibly married to Hunn

Carbine Team: Hutt Sponsored
Pilot: Relgar “The Carbine” Carrae (Unidentified near-human)
* Extensive facial tattoos and unnatural augmentation
* Prone to fits of violence. Ejected from several casinos
Copilot: Garulo (Xexto)
* Notorious lecher and gambler
* Holds record for most racers disabled in a single race and overall in the race’s 10 year history

Local Favorites: Cloud City’s own Bespin Motors Sponsored
Pilot: Tarryn Rayzer (Human)
* Familiar fixture on the Cloud City Grand Prix for years, first time sponsored
Copilot: K4-76A (Modified Security Droid)

Malastare Marauders: Well Known Race Team
Pilot: Seduca (Dug)
Copilot: Densko (Dug)
* Twins from Malastare
* Caught cheating in several races

The Race

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