Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

4. The Jewel of Chandrila

Side Tracked


The final day to make plans and preparations is upon the spacers. Much remains to be done. The crew still needs to procure Ion weapons and possibly explosives, tail Marus Grayson’s security, and lock down a plan for infiltrating the museum.

While Guffy and Kraus test out the cloud car’s handling (and get a close look at Bespin’s wildlife) and Gunsha puts the finishing touches on the data spike for slicing the winning bid, Xagrab finds himself standing sentry for Kaltho the Hutt – an important bidder for the Jewel of Chandrila.

Inside the 3 Beldons Buffet, Kaltho sits at a long table. Normally reserved for a large party, the Hutt dines alone, moving down the table sampling the many dishes laid out before him. Kaltho is a unique Hutt, smaller and slimmer then most. He relishes each dish slowly and does not gorge himself like most Hutts are known to do. From the kitchen, Kaltho’s private chef comes with one last plate and sets it at the head of the table. Kaltho approaches, inhales deeply, “Ah Mon Calamari kenthar steak.” The Ortolan chef bows and adds, “...with a tartar sauce of Naboo origin. I felt it would compliment the fish better then the traditional mon cal sauce” With a delicate fork, Kaltho samples the dish. “Hmmmm…..exquisite, Na’don, simply exquisite – you make live another day” The Hutt begins to laugh in a deep hardy tone. The Ortalan laughs along and soon the whole room of guards join in on what may or may not be a joke. “You honor me, sir, truly… if there will be nothing else…” “No, no – anything else would ruin it. Begin prepping my lunch” With a bow the blue squat chef leaves to the kitchen and the front doors open. Three humans enter, a slightly older dressed finely flanked by two guards. Kerek slides over to Xagrab who is raising his blaster arm, “just keep your eyes open for now

Kaltho greets him warmly, “Marus Grayson – come in – welcome. Please feel free to have anything you like” He gestures to the table of picked over dishes. Grayson sneers,
No… I’m not hungry… but thank you.
Suit yourself, but my chef is world class
I’m sure… but I’m afraid I haven’t the time
Yes, I understand greatly, it is why I have asked you here. My time is precious itself, and though my business runs like a finely tuned speeder – it goes to waste when its driver is away, you understand? Call off this silly auction and allow me to make you a generous offer on the Jewel. The sooner I have it, the sooner I may return to Nar Shaddaa and the sooner you shall be rich
Ah, well, as a businessman you can appreciate the position that would put me in. My trust and reputation would be tarnished
This is no thing that tarnishes a reputation. Least one of an upstanding Imperial citizen. That is why you auction it off away from Empire’s gaze, yes?
Perhaps, dear Kaltho, you forget that the Empire – though mighty – does not control the whole galaxy and a man’s reputation is not confined to political boundries – No? I do understand your wanting to return to your endevers, but such a well crafted machine shouldn’t rust so quickly
Coldly, the Hutt responds, “No. It does not
A Twi’lek guard approaches Karak and whispers something in his ear. Xagrab has not noticed that Aanchi has just been lead to the back of the restaurant.
Besides,” Grayson continues, “we still have a race to attend. I hear its shaping up to be a crowd pleaser. I do hope you’ll stop by my private viewing box
Perhaps, but I do have my own, and mine will be better catered, I’m sure
Then I shall see you at the gala, Kaltho, good day

Grayson and his guards leave. Once away Kaltho slams a slimy fist down on the table furiously letting off a string of expletives in Huttese. Karak moves to Xagrab, “Escort him back to the hotel – I have something to do here.

Back at the opulent hotel room, well kept by Hutt standards, and full of Kaltho’s entourage, the Hutt turns to Xagrab. “Karak tells me you have been erratic lately. Disappearing without explanation. Acting in a manor not consistent with you resume.” Xagrab responds, “Who told you of my resume! I’ll kill him!” Kaltho raises his eyes. “He believes you are suffering from some kind of short in your cybernetics. I can’t have these kinds of risks in my organization. I want you checked by my medical droid

Xagrab is ushered into a room by three alien thugs and a Gamorrean Guard. A medical droid moves toward him and Xagrab attacks it, smashing the droid to scrap. From the doorway Kaltho looks on, “A pity. Dispose of him” The thugs open fire on him and before he can even act the Gamorrean Guard rushes him, smashing his huge axe, and Xagrab is down.

Back at the apartment hideout, Aanchi has returned careful not to be followed and Guffy and Kraus tell their tale of taking down a velker. Aris assembles them, “Where is Xagrab? Oh it doesn’t matter there’s still work to be done! You still have to get those ion weapons and make your final preparations for the infiltrating the museum and follow up on Grayson’s security. Up to this point, Gunsha is only one doing anything for the heist!” Aanchi objects and Aris calms herself, “Yes, I’m sorry, it’s true you have done well manipulating some of the bidders. Shreya Ordassa has taken out a loan to supplement the grant money her academy has provided. So you must have said the right thing to her friend and Vorse is moving money around as well, but there’s still other bidders. Things didn’t go so well with the Hutt… Good news though for Gunsha, daddy has framed an employee of his for your screw up with the computers. Even planted a holographic disguise with your image in it in the guys apartment and wiped your debt from record to keep you out of the system. There is still the matter of the forensic droid that will examine the confiscated computer. It has a daily memory wipe being done at a government facility on the plaza level. You’ll need to reprogram it. In other news, the Dug team has been disqualified for cheating already. Security around the race has increased so you’ll need to win it on your own. The car is ready at a private berth now

After some argument on who will go get the Ion weapons, it’s agreed that someone should find Xagrab. Gunsha pings his datapad and locates it in the processing vane in the lower levels. Kraus and Guffy are volunteered to find him.

Gunsha get a disguise together and heads to the plaza level facility where the droid is being held. He manages to talk his way in past the front desk and reprogram the droid to wipe the computer. He’s almost caught when the front desk clerk follows up on his work order, but again manages to talk his way out, claiming confusion as to where he’s suppose to be doing his maintenance.

Aanchi heads to the hotel bar at the Yarith Bespin and finds Mil Mirkkir among his colleges. She gets his attention by fainning a lovers spat with Kaltho the Hutt. Mirkkir is intrigued and speaks of his own woes and invites her to join him for a drink. After some more talk of love gone wrong he suggests she come to the gala as his guest, making both their exes jealous in the process.


Down at the processing vane, Guffy and Kraus find themselves entering a carbanite freezing chamber. Xagrab is on the platform surrounded by six thugs and the Gamorrean Guard. Kraus’ attempt to deceive them fails quickly and the open fire on him and Guffy. The Gamorrean moves in and attacks with his massive ax. Guffy mananges to destroy the freezing chamber controls with a lucky shot, saving Xagrab from being encased in carbonite, but the thugs overpower them.

The trio come to floating in bacta tanks. Outside the tanks medical droids and the Bespin Wing Guard look on. One by one they’re pulled out and questioned. The guards explain how they found the three of them in the chamber surrounded by known criminals after a blaster fight which claimed the lives of most there and some Wing Guards they were brought up to the medical bay in the Security tower. Kraus and Guffy fain ignorance claiming that Xagrab was a member of their race team they were trying to find. The guards treat them favorably after learning of their race affiliation, and after holding them for a little while they release the pair. They stay away from the apartment and get hotel rooms on the plaza level.

They keep Xagrab, believing him to be mentally ill and a danger. They treat him kindly and proceed to examine him further. Xagrab once again attacks the medical droid that goes to examine him and escapes the medical wing. He brawls with the Wing Guard who attempt to stun him and then escapes into the streets of Bespin, alarms blaring behind him.



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